The World of Kaushal S. Inamdar

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What’s Happening


?/span> Kaushal is now composing music for a new Marathi movie, to be directed by his brother, Vishal Inamdar

?/span> He is writing a weekly column for the popular Marathi daily ?/span>Sakal?every?Tuesday.











?/span> He is also doing various concerts and stage-shows, prominent among which are - Marathi Abhimangeet—Ek Anandyaatra, Ghan Aabhaalicha Tadakaava, Jhenduchi Phule, and Garda Nila Gaganzhula.

?/span> Kaushal has recently composed music for Manaswini Lata Ravindra’s experimental play?‘Lakha Lakha Chanderi?

?/span> He has recently received two prestigious awards?Manohar Pratishthan Kalaratna Puraskar for exemplary work in the world of Art and the Raja Paranjpe Puraskar for promising work in the field of music.

Latest News


Kaushal’s latest release, BALGANDHARVA is out in the theatres. The music of ?/span>Balgandharva?has been an instant hit with the masses. It has found its admirers in all groups. The music has been released by SAREGAMA, India. Listen to the tracks online or buy the music of ?/span>Balgandharva?online.